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Village Temanoha | Location saisonnière Moorea

Pao-Pao is the main door of the majestic valley of Moorea, the sister’s island of tahiti.
This valley is famous for its biodiversity.
Natural jewel, this valley also is very appreciated sporting men of mountain, VTT, horses and pedestrian excursions which borrow them marked out ways skirting the Pineapple fields and enter in the tropical forest.
At the end of the road, in the middle of the most beautiful mountains of Moorea, your hosts accommodate you at the Temanoha Village, and invite you to install you in your bungalow snuggled in a botanical beautiful garden where mix: fruit trees, giant bamboos as well as trees of primary forest.
You will spend pleasant moments of relaxation at the edge of the swimming pool and will appreciate calms it and the surrounding charm.
So, see you soon…



“Tip: The path is not bodied, especially after heavy rain, we advise you to use a high vehicle or a 4×4, and ride slowly”
Fare Tiare by Village Temanoha
Fare Tiare by Village Temanoha

In a warm place, the Fare Tiare allows you to spend a romantic holiday and appreciate the landscapes of Moorea. From 91€ per night for 2 people

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Fare Hibiscus by Village Temanoha
Fare Hibiscus by Village Temanoha

The Fare Hibiscus is perfect to spend your family stay in the middle of the beautiful mountains of Moorea. From 112 € per night for 4 people

Cotton Lodge by Village Temanoha
Cotton Lodge by Village Temanoha

Fancy nature, book your fully equipped lodge and enjoy the night of the star show at night. From 71 € per night (May to October only)

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Why Choose Village Temanoha?


Village Temanoha is located in the heart of the mountains of Moorea and allows you to discover the richness of the local fauna and flora.


Our bungalows are inspired by traditional Polynesian constructions. Exotic wood mix, stone Moorea and Pandanus make authentic complexes.


Your hosts, tourism professionals are present on the sites. You will be greeted and guided to make your stay peaceful and pleasant ...


Many activities offered in Village Temanoha, we have selected for you the best guidance for you to discover Moorea lagoon and mountains towers.